Franconine  CISN Pourable cationic softener with superior inner softness also
Franconine  CWS Conc Least yellowing high performance cationic softener concentrate (flakes)
Franconine  CSEI Cost effective cationic softener
Francoline  WINI Exhuastible non-ionic softener, suitable for full whites also
Franconova  XLNI Anionic softener compatibile with OBAs
Franconine  TTRW NEW Versatile hydrophilic softener for all fibre-blends
Francofil  APSN Speciality all purpose silicon finishing aid
Francosil  NANO Micro amino silicon, especially for pad operations
Franconine  SWF Concentrated Softener for polyester, cotton and their blends
Franconine  SCL Conc Liquid softener concentrate
Franconine  STS-Conc Nonionic CSP Improver & high performance softener for cellulosics
Francodry  ADF  Highly effective dry feel softener for all substrate
Franconine PEFF Supple feel for cellulosics & its blends with synthetics
Franconine SIS Concetrated Silicone softener gives very good surface smoothness
Franconine SS-Conc Superlative concentrated Softener for polyester, cotton and their blends
Franconine VXCS Substantive softener for surface smoothness - Cationic
Franconova  CCB depth improver for dyed polyester
Franconine HSM Hydrophilic silicon softener
Franconine    ATZ concentrate anti-ozonate softener with anti-static property
Francodry  AWF Dry feel softener for polyester & its blends
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